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I donated to the Raspberry Pi Foundation for Pi Day
and I learned later that my name might end up in the
magazine. Which issue should I be looking out for? I’ve
read your magazine for years and would love seeing my
name in it!

Sylvia via Facebook

Due to the timing of how The MagPi is produced,
unfortunately we couldn’t make it happen in this issue.
However, we’ll be making sure it gets printed in issue 105
– check out page 97 to see when it comes out.

(上面的文字,节选在 MAGPI104 92 | MAGPI.CC | yOUR lETTERs )

@Tony 和内存硬盘一样,迟早会被替代

眼看这又是一周,结果看错了是 MAGPI 又来了。这是错峰出行啊。

# MagPi杂志的新故事

Free Raspberry Pi Zero with 12-month print subscription to The MagPi magazine
订阅 MagPi 杂志 送 Pi Zero :d

Take a out a 12-month subscription to The MagPi magazine in print and we'll send you a Raspberry Pi Zero computer, official case and three covers, plus a HDMI adapter, USB adapter, and a Pi Zero Camera cable. Worth £20!

大礼如下:价值 £20 !
- Raspberry Pi Zero 电脑
- 正式外壳
- 三个封面(是什么鬼?多送三期?)
- 一个HDMI适配器、
- USB适配器
- 一根 Pi Zero 相机线。

The latest stories from The MagPi magazine...
MagPi 杂志的最新报道… (就是新故事,新案例,机翻就是这样。)

## Review: IoT Cricket
This new British-designed device aims to make building the Internet of Things as easy as a few clicks. PJ Evans checks out the no-code approach
这款由英国人设计的新设备旨在让物联网的构建变得像几下鼠标一样简单。 PJ Evans 正在尝试无码编程。

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## Autonomous Home Robot
When Nick Baddorf decided he wanted to make a robot to help around the house, he embarked on a very educational journey. Nicola King takes a look at a robotic work-in-progress

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## Build the home of the future in The MagPi #104
Discover home automation in The MagPi magazine issue 104

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## Win one of six SmartiPi Touch Pro Cases!
Your chance to win the 9/10 rated touchscreen case!

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## Make a digital do-not-disturb sign
Kids barging in on Zoom meetings? Parents being a pain when you’re in Google Classroom? Let them know what you’re up to with ‘Busybot’, the custom do-not-disturb sign

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## Build a Pico Pomodoro timer
Stay focused and get more done with help from Raspberry Pi Pico and 112 colourful LEDs

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## Turbo-charge Raspberry Pi 400 with an M.2 SATA SSD drive
Boost your storage speeds with a super-fast M.2 SSD and learn how to adjust boot order in Raspberry Pi OS

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## Real-time bee monitor
Researchers are buzzing with excitement after devising a low-cost method of monitoring wild bees, as David Crookes discovers

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## ML-based Bird and Squirrel Detector
Want to distinguish a bullfinch from a buzzard in your garden, or whether squirrels are up to no good? Machine learning has the answer. Nicola King takes a walk on the wild side

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## Learn Game Development with Raspberry Pi
Get a head start with Raspberry Pi game creation with this resource list. By Mark Vanstone

强烈推荐 Mark Vanstone 提供的资源列表,
开始用 Raspberry Pi 学习游戏开发吧!

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## METAR map
A colour-coded weather map provides an at-a-glance insight into whether it’s good enough weather for flying, learns Rosie Hattersley

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回复了 Spoony 创建的主题 树莓派 / 树莓派 Pico + LCD1602 显示个性化字符

@Spoony 组长大人谬赞啦,请笑纳,这就是诚意回报社区,为石榴派志愿者打CALL倾情送上,只要还是组长大人点名的,直接发地址来,顺丰速递秒到。

回复了 Spoony 创建的主题 树莓派 / 树莓派 Pico + LCD1602 显示个性化字符



新派旧派石榴派尽在趣小组,详情见:《趣派分享会 - 石榴籽 2nd Meeting》

回复了 Spoony 创建的主题 树莓派 / 树莓派 Pico + LCD1602 显示个性化字符

2021-03-29 纪念一下 flamepaperfont :) ...

同款克隆了一个,照虎画猫啦 :D


回复了 Spoony 创建的主题 树莓派 / 树莓派 Pico + LCD1602 显示个性化字符

@Spoony 昨天想着组长,今天就收到了组长的礼物,我越发的迷信啦。难道只要动念送礼就可以收到回礼了嘛?那我还给不给组长送大礼呢?:) 明天见分晓。我觉得这是默契啦。:pray:

PS: 这个 #reply42 的回帖定位,什么时候能更新啊?还是就不主张定位回帖,不希望楼太高?