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偶然发现 motioneyeos 是基于 thingOS 的。系统的配置非常方便简洁,而且 img 也足够小。

thingOS is a highly customized BuildRoot that serves as a base for IoT dedicated operating systems. If you want to turn your Raspberry PI board into something that controls your lights, doors, sprinklers or other devices, by designing your own "firmware", thingOS may be a good choice.

thingOS aims to make the development of small dedicated Linux-based OSes an easy task. Deployment, over-the-air updates and backups shouldn't be a pain in the ass. Developers should concentrate on their main goal rather than removing unused packages and services from existing OSes to lighten them up, taking care of network connection reliability or enabling the watchdog.

thingOS tries to boot as fast as possible. Whenever something goes wrong, we prefer to reboot the system instead of trying to run complex recovery procedures.

thingOS doesn't reinvent the wheel. It uses the amazing infrastructure provided by BuildRoot but comes with customized configurations and init scripts for the supported hardware platforms.

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